The Why, Purpose, Accomplishment and Get

If you remember from my last post, I owe you the reader, an explanation of, the why, the Purpose, the accomplishment, and what to get.

Why……I’m a bit of a news and learning junkie when it comes to photography.  I started my interest about 4 years ago, and up till now I’ve taken a lot of photos and learned all about the technicalities of taking a great photo. ( not to say that I have mastered that yet) I am also learning Photoshop Elements so that I can make my photos even better and to learn fun projects using them.   That being said, I am now taking the next step…… and that is blogging.

Purpose……Even though I am a junkie, I still find myself getting caught up with every day life.  Don’t you?  Yes, spending time with your family,  working, cleaning, cooking, etc. is all very important, but what about YOU!  There are times with a dust rag in hand that  I say to my self…self can’t this wait a couple of hours…why don’t you go out and shoot.  Lately, I’ve given into my every day life more than I should along with being a bit lazy.   So by starting a blog, I am not only committing myself to shoot more, but I will also have a commmitment to my readers.

Accomplishment……Simply put….to get out and shoot more.  To challenge myself and hopefully my readers and followers.   My plan, once this blog is really up and running (after I learn all my abc’s from Bean) I’m going to use the alphabet as my foundation to take photos.  Example:  The first week I have to take an outdoor photo starting with the letter “A”, then the following week an indoor photo starting with an “A” and so on till the letter “Z”.

Get……I hope that my readers not only get full enjoyment of my photos, but that this will also encourage those that shoot as well, to get out and maybe follow along with my challenge.  I will post my readers photos for everyone to see and enjoy.

That is it for now….until later

Happy Shooting

2 Responses to “The Why, Purpose, Accomplishment and Get”

  1. Yes, everyday life can get in the way. I love your goals and plans for your blog.


  2. Grandma Kc Says:


    I really enjoyed your article and I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures. I wish “A”mara was there — you’d have a blast taking pictures of her! I sure do.

    ~Grandma Kc

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