Review and Redefine

I went out shooting this morning and started with the letter “A”.   What I thought would be a fairly easy time turned out not to be.    Here’s the thing…..I prepared this morning by making a list of objects that start with the letter “A”, so that I could drive around knowing where the objects were.  This way I wasn’t out joy riding.

Well, I was so focused on the list, that as a photographer, I overlooked basic preparations for shooting.  When I was out in the field and took my first shot, I noticed that I stupidly had left my camera on from the last time I used it.  I was very lucky that the battery didn’t fail me.  One should always make sure the battery is fully charged before going out into the field.   The second thing, is to check that their CF card is empty.  Mine wasn’t and half way through my day I was going through my pictures deleting photos I didn’t think I would like.  I say didn’t think, cause really in truly, you can’t tell from the little screen on the camera if the picture is good or not.

After the kinks were worked out, and I was taking photos, I really began to think about the structure of my blog and my purpose.  I had said objects that start with “A”.  My first shot was a ATM, cleaver I thought.  But wait an ATM is really a machine, so shouldn’t I use that for the letter “M”?  Also, the shot I took was inside, so that should count as an inside “A”.    When I initially said inside I was thinking my home, inside…..but really shouldn’t all inside photos be inside photos.   The second shot I took was an Aloe Vera plantation.  Well, really isn’t that a cactus.  If I open this further to include the proper name of the object, it will allow me to do more photography and, well that really is the true purpose of this blog.  I guess, I need to go back, review and redefine my blog a bit more.

Until Later…….Happy Shooting

4 Responses to “Review and Redefine”

  1. […] and even now I am sure there was the one perfect picture to be taken that day and I missed it. Katie talks about going out to do a photo shoot only to get in the field and find her camera turned … — her battery could have been dead! It only happened to me once. She got lucky and her […]

  2. Those batteries will run dry so easy too. I do that way too often!

    Personally, ATM and Aloe Vera make more sense to me than machine and cactus. But I think the inside vs outside should be universal, not just at home 😉


  3. I am glad that I am not the only one that does that! I can’t tell you how many times I have gone to an event and see that my battery is at 50% or less. I used to have the same problem with my memory cards but now I use 8gb cards so if I forget once or twice, it is unlikely to be a problem.

    One of the best things about having your own blog is that you get to make the decisions. I wouldn’t worry about someone arguing with you about an ATM being an A word or a M machine word or if your aloe is A or C for cactus. Art is subjective and to a certain extent, so are definitions. The definitions can actually be part of the art!

  4. […] did run into some trouble this week with my camera.  No, not the same as I spoke about in my Review and Redefine post.  What happened was I noticed, after I had uploaded the photos into my computer that many of […]

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