Photo Tours of Aruba

Hello, good morning,

I’m posting this morning not photos, but a quick excerpt on how to get great outdoor photos when you’re visiting the island of Aruba.

The only way to get first hand photos is to be out with nature, and the only way to be one on one with nature is to take hiking tours.  These tours take you around different areas of the island, where cars, jeeps and even horses can’t take you.

I’ve included on my blog a link to a very special hiking tour company, that I myself have gone on tours with.  Their name is Makuaku Hiking Tours.  The guides are very knowledgable,  and fun.   I highly recommend giving this a try when you come and visit the island of Aruba.

4 Responses to “Photo Tours of Aruba”

  1. That is a very nice slide show of Aruba! It shows me the difference between the 3 islands. We always rent a jeep when in Bonaire, and hike around the
    And generally explore the whole island. When we first went there, not many tourists at all, but the island has gotten a lot more popular. Though there isnt really much to do besides diving, which is pretty much what we were there for.
    Thank you for posting that nice slide show. Makes me want to get my old slides(35mm) out and scan them in.
    Its funny how inconvienient the old 35mm age was, compared to the digital age.

    • I think that Aruba & Bonaire are very much the same in their landscape. Bonaire has it all over Aruba as far as their scuba diving, although i don’t want to take any thing from Aruba, as the diving is very good.

      I’m happy to have encouraged you to see your old slides, this is exactly what I wanted this blog to do, get people out shooting or reviewing their old archives.

  2. WOW! Certainly much different scenery than what you find in Southern California! I sure wish I could come visit. You really do have nice blog going.

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