My “E” Photos

This week I have decided to go off the beaten path, and instead of shooting a lot of different objects that begin with the letter “E”, to shoot one object but all different kinds.

In truth, when I was thinking about the letter “E”, before even thinking of different objects this idea popped into my head, and then after starting to make a list of “E” objects, I discovered that there really aren’t many, well many that would be interesting shots.

Enter sign, exit sign, Easter objects, elephant (none around), ear, earrings, energy plant and so on all sounded non interesting to me.  As I stated in the beginning of my blog, the shots have to interest me in order to get good photos, and then good photos will interest you the reader.

So I hope you enjoy 9 different shots of eyes.  Yes, eyes.

Well until next Tuesday, when I shoot the letter “F”.

Happy Shooting


9 Responses to “My “E” Photos”

  1. What a super idea!
    Eyes are so beautiful anyway, that thats all you need to do!
    I must have my husband come in here to my computer den and look.
    Your pictures are so great! And I love how you have the text print out white in the dark gray comment box, thats cool.

  2. Excellent ‘E’ subject choice, and assortment of eyes. Hard to choose a favorite.

  3. These are Excellent! If I HAD to pick a favorite it would probably be the rooster – just because I love the red. I don’t think you have ever mentioned what kind of camera/lens you use? I love my Canons but my daughter is just as loyal to her Nikons.

    I look forward to the Fs. Grandma Kc

  4. Thank you all for your comments. To answer KC I am using a Canon Rebel XT with 2 different lens. The standard 18-55mm, but my favorite lens now is my 70-300mm. My next investment will be a macro lens.

  5. my favorite eye picture is steve’s eye. the lizard one is also beautiful.

  6. Barb Hartsook Says:

    Hi Katie. Eyes are a good choice — since there’s so much said in each one. I also like the change of doing just one ‘e’ with many varieties. Interesting!

  7. Oh yeah, this is perfect! What a great assortment of eyes! 😉


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