My “G” Photos

What can I say about this week with the letter “G”.   I’ve started to notice that besides getting out and shooting, which was really the reason for starting this blog, that I’m also looking for the story behind the photos.    In fact, the two are becoming hand in hand.  Really, what fun would it be to just go and shoot a bunch of pictures.

I did run into some trouble this week with my camera.  No, not the same as I spoke about in my Review and Redefine post.  What happened was I noticed, after I had uploaded the photos into my computer that many of them had a black spot almost in the center of the photo.  I immediately, researched and found that if your camera gets dust on the mirror, your photos reflect the dust with a black spot.  Makes sense.  I did a cleaning and should be good to go for the letter “H”.  So I wouldn’t have to spend a ton of time in PSE, to remove this spot, on the photos, I decided this week will be quality over quantity.

My story for the week is about the garbage dump.  I went to take photos, and of course there is a barb wired fence around the site.  I took a few photos from a distance and thought well that is that.  I then remembered something my husband always tells me………”Remember it’s always no unless you ask”.  With that, I drove to the entrance, told my spiel about being a photographer and wanted to shoot the garbage dump.  As usual that person would have to ask his supervisor.  Ok, so we talk to the supervisor and that person has to ask his manager.  The manager is nowhere to be found, so the supervisor stated, that he would take responsibility for me going into the dump, that the rules are no photos are allowed, but would I write my name down for him.  No phone number, no address, just my name????? I did and off I drove deep into the dump.  Back in the states on the evening before garbage day, a couple of guys drive around the neighborhood looking in the garbage, for items that they can get money for. such as metal objects, appliances etc.  Here in Aruba, there are actual people in the dump looking for who knows what.  I can’t imagine what they would be finding, didn’t want to ask after sneaking and taking their photos.

One quick note:  I am a passionate gardener, however, here in Aruba all the homes are fenced in, so without getting permission, there is no way to get photos  The two I’ve posted are from the million dollar homes that have landscaped outside their fencing.

Until next Tuesday

Happy Shooting

nice gate






5 Responses to “My “G” Photos”

  1. The story behind the photos, thats Fun!
    Yeah, Ive had a spot of water on my lens with my new U/W camera, and the spot was right on the dogs face in the middle, darn.

    Aruba’s garbage dump, thats neat. We found Bonaire’s garbage dump when we were there, it was a big cliff with a cement ‘launching pad’ right at the very very edge! The trucks would back up to it and let fly. All the garbage was at the bottom of the cliff where the water got deep fast, no reef there. Lets see if I can find that on Google Earth, no, I think they are disposing of it differently and not dumping it any more.

    Interesting that there weren’t many homes in Bonaire with fences, though the population there is much less than the other 2 islands.
    We wandered thru several under construction.

    Goats everywhere! Pretty good eating, though pretty darn tough.

    • It’s amazing how these little islands take care of their garbage. Aruba up till a few yrs ago would burn it. Nice for the environment. NOT. Yea I’ve had goat too, but I remember it being very good and tender. The hotel actually served it, but this was 10 yrs ago. I’ve heard now it against the law to kill any goats on the island.

  2. Wonderful shots, I’m partial to the goats.

    The dump reminded me me of ours growing up. We lived in the country and there was a dump in our woods. I don’t know if more than the landowner and us dumped there (we rented) but from the size of it I thought everyone did. I used to drive my mother nuts bringing home some other kids discarded toys. 😉

    • Every one seems to like the goats. They are kinda neat and what a variety. Funny how everyone relates to the garbage dump. I grew up in the suburbs, so no childhood memories for me. KC, no rats here, that I could see anyway, but a lot of fly’s. Thanks everyone for your support.

  3. I like the goats, too! I can’t imagine just having them and the donkeys hanging around.

    Your garbage dump gave all of us different memories. I do remember taking garbage to the village dump with my Dad when I was a little girl. I didn’t like it — to many rats! I’m looking forward to your “H” pictures!

    Thanks for sharing. ~Kc

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