Another Another Day

As I had to say back on March 2nd, I again have to say…….”Hello to my readers.  Today is Tuesday, and unfortunately my personal life has trumped my blogging life.

With closing my home in Aruba, flying back to the states, and then starting my business back up, I have found that I ran out of time to shoot my photos.  This is exactly why I started this blog, to get away from it all and find time to shoot.  However, life sometimes gets caught up with you.

So next Tuesday I plan to post not only the “I” photos, but also the “J” photos.  Partially, cause frankly there isn’t a whole lot to shoot that begins with the letter “I”.

So until then,

Happy Shooting

4 Responses to “Another Another Day”

  1. My family sure has enjoyed your Aruba blog!
    I remember back when we traveled a lot in winter, then had to get back to reality in the spring and summer, but summer is great around here.

    Please do add to your blog during this season, as I just know that you can take great pictures here inside USA too!
    And its great to keep in touch.
    I hope we can visit Bonaire next winter.
    It was unusual this winter, it was record-breaking mild for us, so winter went by extremely fast. Now spring is in full bloom around here.

    • Thanks Jane. My only challenge is not to let my life trump my blogging. If you make it to Bonaire next winter, perhaps we can fly there and meet up with you and your family, or you come to Aruba.

  2. Good Luck getting everything unpacked. We will wait patiently for you next set of beautiful images. Kc

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