Letters “I” and “J”

Hello, so glad to be back.  I am truly sorry for not posting last week.  I really didn’t forget about you my readers and followers.  The flu bug decided to invade my body and literally wouldn’t allow me to even post a short “I’m sorry for not posting”.   Totally laid out in bed.  I was then thinking a few days later about posting, but I really want to keep my post to Tuesdays.

I have learned a valuable lesson, actually a lesson my blogging instructor taught us early in the lesson.  That is to always have a back up post waiting in the wings for those days that you are unable to post.  Yep I can write a post, and then tuck it away for a rainy day or even write my post early and set my blog to release it on Tuesday.   So this will be the plan, however since my photography is current to the week, I will post photos of days past, non related to the alphabet.  Just some fun shots to look at till I am back on track.

Now lets talk about this week.  The letter “I” is a nasty letter, unless it was winter or somewhere very cold……Igloo, icicle, ice skates, and we all know that won’t be happening for me.  I also thought of  iris, ivy, but still to early in the season.  I had a great idea as I was flying back to the states…..Island, but as it would have it, I was sitting on the wrong side of the plane.  So I have posted just a few for this letter.

The letter “J” was a bit better, until I got into the thick of it.  I went to Toys R Us to take photos of Jack in the Box, both closed and opened, Jigsaw puzzles, jump ropes and anything else fun to shoot.  “No can do”, said the manager.  I was at Jimmy Johns for lunch……how much better can it get for “J” than that, and the menu was really cool.  “No can do”, said the manager.  I miss island life.  Everyone here is too uptight!!!!!

What can I say……I am going to have to really pull out my creative hat while here taking photos.  Thanks for following and hope you enjoy this week.



4 Responses to “Letters “I” and “J””

  1. Up-tight people is right! Go to Whole Foods. They were so nice about me taking pictures, that I almost felt like buying the expensive food! Instead, I give them plug whenever I can. You found some good substitutes for your intended ‘j’s’ and ‘i’s’. Glad you’re feeling better.

  2. Glad you are better, the bad colds hit our area too.
    Love the ice cream picture!
    Great Iguana pictures too.
    Spring is here, and Ive been too busy to add to my blog, I sure must do it soon!
    Looking forward to yours always,

  3. Grandma Kc Says:

    Hi Katie!

    I am so glad you are back and feeling better. You were missed!!!

    Your pictures are great as always. The ice cream really made me want ice cream – for breakfast! Love the junk mail! Can’t wait to see what kind of “killer” pictures you come up with for the letter “k”! ~Kc

  4. Glad you are better! The flu is the pits. Great pictures but I can’t believe those folks wouldn’t let you take pictures, seems like that would be good advertising. You have some good ones though, that ice cream is making me hungry 😉


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