Letter “K”

Another week and letter.  What can I say……….I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in the states, and the weather is a bit cool, the surroundings a lot different, but it seems as though I’m having more difficulty finding the “shot”.  The one that interest me, cause really in truly I shoot for me.  If I’m excited or thrilled with my shots, then naturally it will show in my photography. It may be the letters.  Not a whole lot to shoot, for the letters I have shot since back in the good old USA.

I had ups and downs shooting the letter “K”.  The best part of my experience was shooting the KETTLES.  In my home town of Schaumburg, we have a real old working farm from the late 1800’s.  The people who work there dress from that era, and give demonstrations from that time period, either in cooking, wood chopping or working with the chickens, cows and horses.  My adventure there was perfect timing since there was a group of KIDS watching and participating in how to cook biscuits.  The morning I went was a bit crisp outside, about 50 with the sun shining, so after this stop I walked the grounds and had some nice me time.

The down was, going to the pet store to shoot KITTENS, to find out that the vet had not yet looked at them, so they weren’t available to the public.  Now what, I really wanted that shot.  So, I decided to look at th fish to see if maybe there was one whose proper name started with a “K”.  Bingo another up, KOI fish, lots of them, really big ones, much better than KITTENS.

My final shots, I did on the sly.  Remember in my last post, how none of the stores here, will let me take photos of their stuff.  I decided to sneak the photos and hopefully not get caught or if I did, well what’s the worst…..kick me out and ask me not to take any more.  So that’s what I did.  Good plan, will have to do more of that for sure.

Hope you enjoy these, and look for the letter “L” next Tuesday.

Happy Shooting

4 Responses to “Letter “K””

  1. Great shots! Love the koi but I think my favorite is the Katie’s Kitchen Sign!

  2. I think my favourite is Katie’s Kitchen sign too.
    We dont have any around here either, as my grand-cats are all full grown now.
    But I think my brother is looking for a kitten. I sure hope he gets one soon.
    I love them.

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