On Hiatus

It’s been way to long since I have posted.  I glanced at my stats and saw that people are still finding me and looking at my blog.  This pleases me very much.

For those that maybe haven’t seen my first blog…..I started this to NOT let life get in the way of my passion and that is photography.  I found out fast that, it is sometimes impossible.

I own a seasonal company, and I am in my season now, actually since May.  Life and the responsibilities of it, got in the way of my photography.

I will start back up just as soon as I can…….so please continue to glance this way, and one day soon you will see photos again.


2 Responses to “On Hiatus”

  1. I look forward to you coming back! Kc

  2. Its been the same for us here, one just amazing summer! Our family has been so incredibly busy that I hardly even look at my poor blog.
    Though one of our kids has just started a wordpress blog for her and my husband’s trip thru the Grand Canyon.
    But our blogs dont go away, they are here when we get the time to post.
    So keep me on your list, as you sure have a beautiful one.

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